Now, what is a nation here? A nation is your persnal profile for use on oursite, making you a member of the community, now to explain,ON THIS SITE you do NOT have to use the name of your nation, for your user name. On the forum you HAVE TO use the name of your nation for a user name. This site is like the site for action, the forum is a site for information of nations. Now here are some guide lines for your nation.

1. you can name your nation basically anything, but it can not have a destructive title, and can not inculde profanity. Here is a example.

the killer of northfolk: bad name.  the army of norfolk: good name

the sh@t boys bad. 

In a way funny examples, especially the second, but it gives you a idea on how things work.

2. Your user name is how people will see you here, so please make it senseible, and not odd or crule. We had a person with a name and he got bann because of it. Here is a example.

Skullboy32: bad name  T-boy28 good name

You would not want to be named poop in real life, so do not do it here. Also, please keep things clean this is not a brothel. For instance.

Booty6: bad name   LexiCutie: good name

3. You can use your Nation states information if you want, you can use the same nation flag and name. Since this is a seprate site. Also, you can use your nation description on nation states for the forum.

4.Once your signed up here, and at the forum, your job is done. Have fun and enjoy your self on the conservative states role play game.


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